MHL 1007-S Electric Wheelchair (Spoke wheels)

– MHL 1007-S is a foldable power wheelchair with a contemporary design and big spoke wheels with propelling rings. It’s a cost-effective solution for the people with mobility issues, fatigue, neuromuscular disorders or cardiovascular disorders. The batteries can be removed easily, foldable backrest and fire-retardant antibacterial upholstery.

– Ergonomically designed interchangeable joystick for effortless experience and ease of operation with feather touch 5 speed controller, with 360 degrees turning capacity powered by Lithium-ion /Lead acid battery.

– The rear wheels are of 22 inches for ease of maneuverability on all kind of surfaces and solid rubber front wheels of 10 inches for excellent control and stability at maximum speed of 6 km/hour and allow uphill up to 8 degrees’ inclination, with electromagnetic braking mechanism.

– The battery can be removed easily.

– Foldable backrest and fire-retardant. antibacterial upholstery.

– MS frame with robust design and aesthetic use of polymer foot rest.

– Reinforced double cross design ensures extra durability and safety.