Importance of Semi-fowler Bed for Sleep

In today’s busy lifestyle, the one thing we want but miss often is getting sound goodnight sleep. Sleeping disorders are already prevalent with many of us and sleeping patterns have changed with time and work schedules. A bed is the best and the only place to rest and recover. Lack of sleep is a big problem and with all the mental stress, getting a proper sleep on a comfortable bed is a dream itself. Moreover, while getting a good bed especially when you are recovering from an injury or some ailment has also become a luxury.

There is a reason why medical beds like the semi-fowler are different from our regular beds at home as they are more suitable for the comfort needs of patients.

It would not be wrong to say that semi-fowler beds are much better than our ordinary beds in terms of comfort, getting adequate sleep and functionality. They are actually a great option and have numerous benefits. Here are some common benefits:

1. Sound Sleep & Comfort

A medical bed allows you to easily adjust your most comfortable position in rest or to get a good night’s sleep. One can easily incline and recline the back support of the bed to the most comfortable position or angle.

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2. Easy to manage for Caregivers

With various functionalities and easy to do adjustments medical beds becomes quite helpful for the caregivers who is helping patients at home. They make it much easier for caregivers to assist the patients like helping them get up and down the bed, rest on the bed at the required comfortable position or taking the medical treatments.

3. For Medical care at Home

For senior care and for people who are bed ridden for long medical treatments want to stay at home as long as possible. The medical beds allow them to stay at home and recover at their pace with all hospital like comfort and care.

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4. More Safety

Ordinary beds are not made as per any safety standards but Medical beds are designed to give more safety to patients. They have various features like you can adjust the railings up and down that can prevent the patient from falling down and also can be help them in getting down the bed on their own by holding these.

5. Mobility

Sometimes these medical beds have castor wheels that allows easy movement of the beds from one room to another. They are easy to move around with the patient in many situations a patient need to move from one area to another.

With all these advantages and functionalities, these medical beds that are economical in comparison to other medical beds are always preferred over ordinary beds as they not only help in getting proper sleep, timely recovery but also helps in patient’s safety and makes it easy for caregivers or nurses to assist the recovering patient.

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