MHL 1006 Wheelchair

– MHL 1006 is ergonomically designed chrome plated commode recliner with strong, flexible and antibacterial upholstery providing comfort of 18 inches’ width.

– Supine position can be attained within seconds with optimized center of gravity and mimics the comfort of bed. Smooth and shiny stainless steel propelling ring.

– U cut seat, with microbe resistant pan with lid, is easily removable and cleanable.

– Removable head rest with neck support, calf support and detachable foot rests makes it perfect for senior citizens and people with compromised mobility. Foldable feature enhances the portability and serves as normal wheelchair as well.

– Rear wheels of 24 inches for ease of maneuverability and solid PP front wheels of 8 inches enables 100 kg of weight bearing strength.