HEM X-3500 Clinical Bed

X-3500 is a manually operated clinical Bed with three vital positions. This bed can perform multiple adjustments manually like it raises the back support up to 70°, adjust bed in trendelenburg position up to 12° and reverse trendelenburg position up to 12°.

This bed is equipped with polymer head and foot bows that adds the comfort and aesthetics. It comes with ABS railing system for extra safety for the user. The railings are fitted with light and sturdy aluminum brackets with polymer levers to engage and disengage the railings.

It has provision for placing the I.V. rod on all 4 corners for the ease of nursing staff and patient. The structure of the bed is made for ease of cleaning and maintenance of hygiene. Its gives workload capacity of 120 Kgs.

It comes with 40-density, 100mm thick mattress that is are durable, long-lasting, rotatable and. Incisions in the mattress adopts well to the bed positions with maximum comfort to the user. The PU coated elastic cover has concealed zip one on narrow side and both long sides. Mattress cover is made of Lycra fabric, which is stretchable, anti-microbial and breathable.